The High Court of Zimbabwe has granted an order forcing the government to enact the laws necessary to actualize devolution by 30 March 2021.

Commenting on the ruling, renowned lawyer, Tendai Biti commended the judgment.

He thanked fellow lawyers who brought the matter to the court, to which he was part of:

“We were honored & privileged to be part of this law-fare . Devolution is our revolution,” says Biti.

Biti also noted another ruling in which the government was ordered to enact a mechanism for the establishment of a complaints platform against state security agents when they overstep citizens’ rights.

“Section 210 provides for a Complains Mechanism against Security Agents . For 7 yrs gvt has failed to enact this mechanism .

“We are humbled that the Constitutional Court has ordered gvt to enact this within 45 days . It’s a privilege to have capacity to push the law to its limits,” he says.