Citizens Coalition for Change CCC president Nelson Chamisa says under his government the corrupt will be endangered species up for extinction.

Addressing citizens on his economic roadmap, Chamisa said corruption has reached alarming levels as shown by the recent audit on COVID funds which he says shows that the monies were squandered and the targeted beneficiary vulnerable groups never received anything.

He also added that his administration will start with full dollarization and then create a conducive environment and the right confidence levels for the adoption of the local currency.

“As part of our re-dollarisation road map we will make sure that we meet the following: (i) fiscal consolidation; (ii) current account surplus; (iii)6 months import cover (forex reserves); (iv) stable exchange rate;(v) single digit inflation; and (vi) productive & competitive economy.”

“My government will come up with policy framework and turnaround strategy which among others includes the development of demand driven policies informed by inclusive policies and inclusive politics anchored upon an inclusive dialogue with all political actors, economic players, labour, business, civil society and academia with a view to build a new consensus and buy-in,” he said.

He added that his policies will be predictable, consistent and guarantee certainty – this will help citizens, economic agents, workers, business and investors to plan with certainty.

On education, he said the education system is in the graveyard and parents have assumed the role of government by paying teachers incentives with a view to arrest the situation, which should not be the case.