Mnangagwa’s appointment of Oppah Muchinguri to the coronavirus task force brings out his drunken approach to his duties and the humourless jokes he is well known for. He thinks he is a funny man but nothing about the coronavirus is funny and Oppah Muchinguri is a big walking-talking joke. The day Mnangagwa leaves or is forced out of office, is the day most people who do not drink alcohol will partake, get drunk and remember that day of great joy forever.

I have zero confidence in the Mnangagwa regime’s capacity in handling and managing the potential disaster that is at our door in the form of a deadly flu virus. Countries with powerful economies and competent experts have been left helpless by the coronavirus. If the outbreak gets out of control in Zimbabwe, we could be looking at a situation much much worse than that of Italy.

That could spell the very end of Mnangagwa and Zanupf. If they are careless and think they will not face very serious consequences, they will regret more than victims of the virus.

Mark my words.

stanley goreraza