In a daring incident that unfolded within the bustling central business district of Bulawayo, a police officer stationed at Mayobodo Police Station in Mangwe district, Matabeleland South, fell victim to audacious thieves, resulting in the loss of a substantial sum of US$2,000 and a valuable cellphone on a fateful Monday morning.

The officer, identified as Constable Peace Sibanda, aged 33, recounted the unfortunate turn of events that transpired shortly after his departure from a popular establishment in the CBD. It was during this vulnerable moment that the perpetrators seized the opportunity to strike, swiftly relieving him of his possessions—an assortment of money meticulously tucked away in a satchel and a cellphone snugly resting in his pocket.

Recalling the harrowing incident, Cst Peace Sibanda shared, “I was ambushed by brazen thieves who callously absconded with my hard-earned money and prized cellphone. The satchel in my possession safeguarded the substantial sum of US$2,000, while the convenience of my pocket cradled the invaluable communication device.”

Elaborating further, he lamented, “These cunning individuals surreptitiously shadowed my every move, stealthily tailing me mere moments after my departure from a local establishment. Regrettably, the name of this unfamiliar watering hole eludes my memory, as it is a recent addition to my repertoire. Alas, everything I set out to accomplish during my time here has been gravely jeopardized.”

The ramifications of this disheartening incident extend beyond the officer himself, reverberating into the sphere of his family life. Cst Peace Sibanda expressed his distress, stating, “Our familial aspirations now hang precariously in the balance, plagued by uncertainty and a profound sense of loss.”

This distressing encounter serves as a stark reminder of the prevailing challenges faced by individuals who dedicate their lives to upholding law and order. The brazen actions of these audacious thieves not only disrupt the peace and security of the community but also inflict personal hardships upon those who are sworn to protect and serve.