A local construction company that was contracted to do some work at Gutu High School in Masvingo Province is now suing the educational institution after its property that was being kept at the school was stolen.

The construction company, C Engineering, says in 2013, after the company had finished doing some work at the school it left properties on the school which got stolen while under the watch of the learning institution.

Masvingo Magistrate Concillia Ngwerume is tomorrow, Tuesday 29 March, set to deliver ruling on the matter which was filed with the court in 2015.

Jackson Mupoperi of Saratoga Makausi Legal Practitioners who represented the school said the matter must be dismissed on the basis that the application had expired.

According to the rules of the magistrate’s court, an application must be served within two years after it has been filed and the applicant did not serve the complainant from 2015 and only did so last year, said Mupoperi.

He also said that there was no contract between the school and the company on how the property was to be kept. mirror.