Participants to the Constitution Online rally being hosted by Zimbabwe Please Project director Jestina Mukoko and #Thisflag founder Evan Mawarire, have bemoaned the passing of the Constitutional amendment Bill 2 saying it is recipe for disaster.

Below are some of the few selected comments from the rally:

Executive Director Heal Zimbabwe and National Chairperson Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, Rashid Mahiya says:

“Constitutional Amendment Bill puts all power in the office of the President. We now have a king and not a president.”

Human rights activist, Namatai Kwekweza: “The youths have to speak. Separation of powers is important, as putting the courts in the armpits of the President will be disastrous.”

Musa Kika lawyer says: “Constitutions can not be just changed and any changes should improve not take away the gains.”

Co-host, Pastor Evan says: “The cannot be ruled by one person who is too powerful.”

Investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono says:

“There is need for civic education in rural areas, the people that mostly vote the ruling party and show them why we have the problems we are experiencing.”

Co-host Jestina Mukoko says:

“In 2013 Zimbabweans spoke and agreed to the constitution. Questions why a few people are amending the constitution.”

Legendary musician, Thomas mapfumo says Zimbabweans should rise and speak against injustices.

“The youth should not be afraid to stand up and demand democracy and freedom,” he adds.

Dr Ibbo Mandaza says: “says these are the signs of a coup government. The government has no capacity to reform.”