Press release by Bulawayo Independent Residents Association this 18th of July August 2019

Re: Unfair Tribal claims on the dispute between the town clerk and some councillors

We refer to the above incident and regret to observe that a purely overseer management dispute between some of the Bulawayo councillors and the town clerk of this great city has turned tribal. It is very unfortunate that the main media channels and some surrogate online groupings have said little towards informing the public objectively.

It is in view of this background that we call for all the stakeholders to observe the following concerns.

  1. It is unfair to accuse the councillors of fronting a Shona agenda without evidence or justification of whatever nature.
  2. It is wrong to assume that every Shona person in Bulawayo supports and/or agrees with the course of action taken by some councillors against the town clerk.
  3. The due process according to the relevant statutes and constitutional clauses of the City of Bulawayo should be put into full gear to allow for the full investigation of the gross misconduct claims made against both the town clerk and the elected city councillors.
  4. The council, through the town clerk and the councillors, should immediately make joint statements condemning tribalism and behaviour likely to cause social disharmony and fear/intimidation of some sections of our communities.
  5. The Bulawayo Independent Residents Association (BIRA) takes seriously intimidation of officers, elected or otherwise, by anyone acting as an individual or on behalf of a group
    of other persons. We would urge members of the public to be watchful of extremist opportunists who want to promote politics of hate and tribal segregation rather than community cohesion and love.
  6. BURA on behalf of peace loving residents of Bulawayo [email protected]