The Constitutional Court has reserved its judgment in the matter of Chief Justice Luke Malaba’s incumbency.

Meanwhile, after the previous hearing, lawyers for rights lawyer Musa Kika notified Constitutional Court they were not going to file papers or appear in court regarding the matter Friday.

They said this is after judges refused to recuse themselves in challenge brought by ZANU PF supporter Marx Mapungu to High Court ruling that Chief Justice Malaba ceased to be a judge.

Malaba who had reached retirement age of 70 had his term of office extended by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, prompting a court battle.

At one point the High Court ruled that Malaba was no longer the country’s Chief Justice and appealed against the ruling.

The full bench of Con-court judges excluding the CJ, the subject in the case, sat for the hearing after the dismissal of an application to recuse all Supreme and Con-court judges.