A two-day industrial action planned by public sector unions failed to take off after most workers reported for duty as usual.

Ahead of the strike, planned for Wednesday and Thursday this week the unions had threatened to bring government business to a halt, pressing their demand for a US$540 salary.

Apparently, the public sector unions confessed that most civil servants did not take heed of the call for an industrial action.

They attributed this to fear of victimisation, threats, fear of losing out on state-funded money-spinning schemes, and inadequate time to mobilise.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube yesterday presented his Mid Term Budget where he tried to please civil servants.

“Government remains committed to addressing the welfare of civil servants in a fiscally sustainable manner, We are stepping up provision of non-monetary incentives to improve their welfare,” he said.

He reviewed the tax free threshold to $600 000 from $300 000 per annum and adjust tax bands to $12 mln from 1st August 2022.

“Local currency tax free bonus threshold reviewed to $500 000 from $100 000 from 1 November 2022,” he said.