An engineer by training and profession Munjodzi Mutandiri has blasted former Norton Independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa for building a substandard community toilet.

He says the structure is an insult to the community and that it should be demolished.

“The people of Norton must demolish this thing. What an insult,” he says.

Munjodzi who is also a social justice activist adds that the structure is too small for the purpose.

“Even for something that will be used by one person this will be too small and a health hazard, what more for a market,” he says.

Mliswa says he funded the project from his own pocket adding that under normal conditions, council should be the one to build toilets for residents.

“I passed through Ngoni Market in Norton to assess the state of the toilet project which I have been funding there. It’s great that it has been completed and in due time we shall officially commission it for public usage with the current political leadership present.

“Under normal circumstances Council should be providing such facilities as people pay rates for it to build such facilities.

“However, since there is a need for water we shall also seek for the support of the new political leaders such as MP Tsvangirai to support with a borehole,” he says.