City of Harare Town Clerk, Mabhena Moyo and 7 Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Councilors were arrested and charged with criminal abuse of office in a matter regarding council land.

The 7 councilors are Costa Mande, Gilbert Hadebe, Loveness Gomba, Happymore Gotora, Ian Makone, Tendai Matafi and Stanley Manyenga.

However, the accused argue that the land which they got through council was part of their perks entitlement & that everything they did was legal and above board.

The police is alleging that the land the team got was given illegally in violation of a council committee resolution of 2005.

Apparently, the issue of land barons has been a thorn in the flesh of council for long.

In some cases, it has been alleged that the central government is also involved in the illegal parceling of land.

Local Government Minister July Moyo’s office has been implicated in some of the deals.