Embatled Harare City Council has fired its Communications boss and spokedperson Michael Chideme.

Chideme’s five year contract was deliberately not extended and no plausible reasons were proffered.

“Chideme was sacrificed because of his support of the ruling party and the opposition dominated council is on a purging mission,”revealed an inside source who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Chideme has been replaced by Innocent Ruwende who was appointed in acting capacity.

Ruwende was Chideme’s junior at the State run newspaper The Herald.

Chideme could not be reached for comment but
Harare mayor Jacob Mafume confirmed his departure.

“I understand that his contract expired after five years and it ended due to effluxion of time. The human resources committee decided that we needed to go a different direction with public relations,” he said.

Lately, the HCC has been faced by a massive exodus of senior management officials.

Apparently City of Harare is struggling to shake off its soiled image.

The local authority has been dogged by shady deals amid poor service delivery.

For years, residents have been complaining with the city and the central government blaming each other.

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