Crazed axe-wielding Vice President Kembo Mohadi broke down three doors, threatened to shoot his ex-wife and grabbed three vehicles she was recently awarded in a divorce settlement while police watched.

Mohadi on Saturday stormed a house he once shared with Tambudzani Muleya on Impala Drive in Beitbridge, with 25 police officers in tow, The Standard reported on Sunday.

Mohadi is alleged to have “poked” his ex-wife with a steel bar and threatened to kill her.

Their acrimonious divorce was finalised in early March after two years of legal fights. Mohadi had already taken in a new wife, Juliet Mutavatsindi.

Mohadi, who has been suffering poor health, is alleged to have worked himself into such a frenzy “fatigue set in” after the drama “sapped his energy”, and he finally retired to a bar stool under a tree shed as he watched the vehicles being towed away.

Mohadi’s first wife

Tambudzani told The Standard: “All the cars he took were awarded to me by the court at his instance. I resigned myself to fate and told him he could kill me if he wanted.

“He was restrained by his aide when he tried to get a gun from his car. He came here unprovoked and demanded to collect his clothes before breaking the doors at the cottage where he collected nothing.

“He axed three doors and then turned on me. Police numbering more than 25 just watched him. The officer in charge of Beitbridge urban Chief Inspector Kenneth Mushongahande was here with him and many other police officers who filled the yard.

“He said he was 120 percent the law unto himself. I just stood by and saw him committing this act.

“The police said I must go and report, but they were witnesses to what happened. They saw him commit this crime.”

Crying foul … Tambudzani Muleya accuses Vice President of raiding her home

Out in force … Police officers at Tambudzani Muleya’s home where they accompanied Mohadi

During Mohadi’s rampage, it is reported that one of his daughters confronted him, “asking him why he was being childish” to which the Vice President told her “she was being disrespectful.”