A CIO operative believed to be an accomplice to Tashinga Masinire who was recently arrested in South Africa appeared in court this Friday facing criminal abuse of office charges.
Chamakandiwona Nyahunda, who is also known as Vincent Moyo, a CIO agent stationed at the Robert Mugabe International airport was remanded in custody pending bail ruling when he appeared in court this Friday for contravening the customs and exercise act and criminal abuse of office charges for allegedly conniving with Tashinga Masinire who is still at large to smuggle 23 pieces of gold without an export permit.
The State was opposing the granting of bail to the accused on the basis that he is likely to interfere with state witnesses.
It is alleged that on the 8th of this month the accused avoided all necessary scans and metal detectors and used the arrival terminal, clad in a jacket and trousers with pockets that were visibly laden with heavy objects, smuggled the precious metal.
It is further alleged that his accomplice, Masinire arrived later for a plane that was to depart at 1300 hours.
The duo then met in the smoking room. Masinire was carrying a light bag while the accused held a black satchel before they then left the area with Masinire’s satchel looking heavier.
Masinire was arrested upon his arrival in South Africa and investigations done at the Robert Mugabe International airport led to the arrest of Nyahunda.
The value of the smuggled gold is US$784 000.
Nyahunda will be back in court on Monday.