Zimbabwe Republic Police members of the Criminal Investigations Department section in Chinhoyi were left nursing wounds after being given a thorough beating by the town’s money changers for allegedly demanding a bribe.

However, different versions have since emanated on the cause of the beatings; a video reported to have been shot in Chinhoyi today has since gone viral as money  money changers appear bashing CID members.

Despite the theory of demanding a bribe, the other version is that the overzealous CID members were beaten for threatening to end the money changing business in the area.

Zw news is in possession of a 44 second video clip in which a mob of money changers is seen bashing two CID members lying on the ground while some people are heard shouting ‘varikupi.’

We could not however, independently verify with police if the bashed men are CID members stationed in Chinhoyi, despite our reliable sources within the security sector alleging that the pair are CID members.