A church leader, who sneaked into the mortuary of a funeral parlour to “bring a dead person back to life” has been arrested.

Apostle Ruramai Nhapata, together with her Priest Nyamungara of Trinity International Fellowship Ministry, wrestled with the police officers who had come to arrest them.

They threatened to undress in public in protest over their arrest.

The two were first taken to Kuwadzana Police Station.

They were then taken to Nyaradzo Funeral Parlour, along Willowvale Road, the scene of their crime.

They were later taken to Southerton Police Station where they were detained.

Apostle Nhapata was arrested for tampering with a dead body in a mortuary after she claimed to have powers to bring Gift Takudzwa Shiriyapenga back to life.

She is alleged to have ordered her churchmate to place a cellphone on the ear of the late Shiriyapenga,

She later undressed and massaged the body as she shouted that the late Shiriyapenga would be resurrected.

Apostle Nhapata told H-Metro that she was prepared to face justice, arguing that she was exercising her faith. She even claimed she has brought 10 people, who were pronounced dead, back to life.

“I am prepared not only to be arrested, but even to be imprisoned for doing God’s work,” said Apostle Nhapata.

The deceased was neither a relative of Apostle Nhapata nor a church member of her Trinity International Fellowship Ministry.

Apostle Nhapata is expected to appear in court tomorrow. H Metro