THERE was free drama at Huruyadzo Shopping Centre in St Mary’s, Chitungwiza when a Donbrook married woman was caught in the arms of her husband’s best friend on Saturday.

People were restrained from meting instant justice on Yelmina Mazhindu, 35, and Mike Chiripanyanga after learning from the former’s husband that they were cheating.

The two were caught leaving a house where they allegedly had s_ex while one of her twins was by their side when members of Johanne Masowe restrained the fight.

Yelmina, a mother of twins’ luck ran out after her husband only identified as gift, visited Madzibaba Stephen Mugariri who gave a prophecy exposing her shenanigans.

Madzibaba Stephen located through prophecy, at least according to him, that Yelmina lied to Gift that she was to attend a women round table where she would receive her share when she was destined to have quality time with Mike.

Yelmina was led to Madzibaba Stephen’s shrine along with Mike where she hurled unprintable words to Madzibaba Stephen accusing him of wrecking her marriage.

It is very unfair for Madzibaba Stephen to give his prophecies to people who are not at his shrine, do you want to gain fame from exposing me, murimb*a, sh_t yemunhu” Yelmina was heard saying before she was whisked away from the shrine by elderly women for counselling.

Gift confirmed prophecies made to him saying he decided to visit Madzibaba Stephen for spiritual help since he has gone for years without getting a job.

“My wife left home saying she was going to receive money for their women round table and she took one of our twins ndikasara neasinganetse ,” said Gift.

“I alter decided to visit Madzibaba Stephen since I’m failing to get employ men and upon arrival I volunteered to help a family that was rescued from road accident.

“I want to believe that God has heard my prayers because I never knew that my best friend was bedding my wife for the past year and how they decided to leave Donbrook to have quality time in Chitungwiza still remains a mystery to me.

“I am doubting these twins are mine.

“What lesson was she teaching my child when she feels comfortable having se_x with a stranger in the child’s presence?

Mike must explain this better to me or else haiperi nyaya yacho,” said Gift in tears. state media