In an unusual incident, a man was robbed of his car while he engaged in an intimate rendezvous with a commercial sex worker inside a parked vehicle at Chikwanha Shopping Centre in Chitungwiza on Sunday.

The 20-year-old Onwell Hwiridza had arranged to meet with Sheilla Shaibu, aged 36. While they were involved in their activities, three individuals, posing as police officers, suddenly appeared.

Shelia fled the scene, leaving Onwell to face the three men.

The three got into Onwell’s car and one of them took control of the vehicle while the other two assaulted him.

They drove along Seke Road, towards Harare, and dumped Onwell at ZRP St Mary’s Bus Stop.

The car was later found dumped along Seke Road.

Harare Provincial Police Spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, confirmed the incident, highlighting that the assailants made off with not only the vehicle but also a collection of valuables, including cell phones and money. An investigation into the theft and subsequent recovery of the vehicle is currently underway.