A Chitungwiza man has raised eyebrows in his local community and among his relatives and friends after he reconciled with his adulterous wife whom he caught cheating on multiple occasions.

Innocent Sakupwanya, who is professionally known as DJ Mega, is said to have caught his wife red-handed in bed with a married man. While he was still reeling from this betrayal, DJ Mega discovered explicit photographs in which his wife was performing oral sex on another man.

The DJ appears to be so smitten with his 26-year-old wife Tafadzwa Monica Nyamadzawo, who is popularly known as Kimberly, that the two have talked things over and he has forgiven her.

iHarare has learned from local tabloid H-Metro, that DJ Mega has reconciled with Kimberly, whom he had booted out after he caught her in the act with Gibson Matapo who is also married.


Relatives Fume As DJ Forgives Adulterous Wife Who Was Caught Cheating Multiple Times With Married Men
Kimberly and DJ Mega: Relatives Fume As DJ Forgives Adulterous Wife Who Was Caught Cheating Multiple Times With Married Men

Unsurprisingly, some relatives are against the reunion. Strangely though, one of the most vocal critics of Kimberly is her own cousin, who has been identified as Junior. Junior is said to have leaked more photos of Kimberly in the arms of another married men.

Speaking to H-Metro, Kimberly fingered Junior saying

“Honestly speaking, I was caught by my husband cheating and was forced to pack my belongings and stayed with Junior at her house.

“Junior is the one who posted my photographs with a married man which are now on social media.

“My husband has forgiven me but my relative is now a thorn in my flesh posting photographs on social media.


Junior confirmed leaking Kimberly’s photos but justified her actions saying that Kimberly had tarnished her reputation. She claimed that Kimberly had told her husband, that Junior was the one who had set her up with the married men.

“Kimberley told her husband that I was the one who was behind her going out with several men.

Junior who was taking no prisoners went on to spill the tea on her cousin.

“It was not Kimberley’s first time to be caught with other men and her reason was that DJ Mega was failing to sexually satisfy her.

“Hanzi ane kadora akatombotora picture akanditumira saka handizive kuti kadora kacho kakazokura here zvavadzokerana.

“…Kimberley was once married to another man and got divorced when she was caught red-handed cheating and her marriage with DJ Mega is the second and was she caught again.

Gogo Junior

DJ Mega on the other hand accused Gogo Junior of fighting against his marriage.

“My wife cheated on me and I chased her away and she went to her cousin’s house.

“Gogo Junior is now fighting our marriage by posting Kimberley’s photographs with a married man, a thing I have already forgiven her about”