Citizens Coalition for Change CCC says its member in Chitungwiza South, Ephrage Gwavava, was picked up by armed men in police uniform at 0345hrs this morning.

The party says the men were carrying AK47s and said were from Dema Police Station.

“The continued torture of innocent citizens must stop now,” says the party.

Meanwhile, jailed CCC official Job Sikhala’s London-based international lawyer, Robert Amsterdam, says the world will closely watch the incarcerated opposition MP’s bail hearing today to see whether justice is done.

His party, the CCC, says Sikhala, who has been locked up for 47 days, is a political prisoner.

“Let us be very clear, the world is watching this upcoming bail hearing to ensure that due process and rule of law is observed in the case of Job Sikhala,” said Amsterdam of Amsterdam & Partners LLP, who represents Sikhala on a pro bono basis alongside his local lawyers.

“There is no reason why Sikhala should spend one minute longer in jail, as this unlawful detention represents a clear violation of Zimbabwean and international law,” he adds.