Harare: Buhera South MP Joseph Chinitimba on Tuesday hit back at a street prophet in the Harare CBD, who used one of his ‘services’ to denigrate the politician. The prophet, Binzurashe Matema, said Chinoz won a seat in parliament through his ‘lack of eduction’. “Chakaita kuti Chinotimba apinde muparliament inyaya yedzungu nekusadzidza. Chikoro chinongoita kuti munhu adzikame so…”

Chinoz did not take those words lightly.

“The people voted for me so I do not know what he is trying to imply and I have been awarded some human rights awards. Would that be awarded to someone who has a stray character? I was also ranked third for giving meaningful points and facts in the last parliamentary session by a local newspaper. What he is saying does not make sense at all. He should grow up. Chinoz added that said Prophet Matema is fake and he is just seeking some unnecessary attention and popularity agenda. He is not a prophet, he is a politician. The likes of Prophet Makandiwa and Magaya have churches. He is a prophet of doom and that explains why he is in the streets. It would have been better if he had prophesied about my life rather than giving examples that are absurd,” said Chinoz. state media