Veteran investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has criticized Chief Government spokesperson Nick Mangwana for celebrating road maintenance instead of building new roads, calling it mediọcre and visionIess.

He implies that maintaining decades-old roads is the bare minimum for a functioning government.

Chin’ono writes: Dear @nickmangwana

It is embarrassing for you, as the Chief Government spokesperson, to ask us to celebrate the maintenance of roads built decades ago by the colonial government.
We would be elated if your regime had built new roads.

You have spent the last six years celebrating road maintenance.
It is embarrassing Nick!!!

Is your government so mediocre and visionless that it celebrates maintaining roads built in the 1940s?

It is concerning when a government spends more time congratulating itself for maintaining old roads rather than creating new ones.

You are essentially saying, “…hey guys, we are doing a great job keeping these decades-old roads from crumbling! Give us a round of applause for not letting them completely fall apart!”

That kind of “accomplishment” seems like the bare minimum for a functioning government, Nick. Respect us!!

He was responding to the following message by Mangwana:

“In my last tweet I asked people to check the great work by ED on Second Street. Some lost the plot and started asking whether ED was doing this using his personal funds.


“He is using our taxes but, “Without a vision, the people will perish” the Bible says. ED makes sure politics is pregnant with both principle and purpose and that it produces practical solutions to pressing issues.”