Renowned investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has accused Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information Nick Mangwana of trying to mislead the nation.

Chin’ono says Mangwana plucked off a 2018 picture of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and tried to imply that the photo has just been taken.

“Welcome to the world of Nick Mangwana’s lies! This man is the worst Government communicator in the history of the regime’s 41 years.

“He went and pulled a picture of the president in 2018, and then posted it today pretending that the president spent time with these men today,” says Chin’ono.

He was responding to a picture posted by Mangwana showing President Mnangagwa meeting village leaders.

Mangwana captioned the picture:

“There is something about going to be among your people during your break.

“It speaks to being grounded, humble and well brought up. Now imagine when you are the leader of a whole nation, such humility, “with humility comes wisdom” Proverbs 11:2.”