The opposition political parties in Zimbabwe, mainly the Movement for Democratic Change-Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa has been urged to change strategy if it were to unseat ZANU PF from power.

Political analyst, Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya says the opposition should move away from being keyboard critics and confront the ruling party head on using a hybrid of constitutional methods.

He says tweeting can give ZANU PF headaches, but that alone is not enough to dislodge authoritarian regimes.

“ZANU PF was not TWEETED to power and it will not be tweeted away from power. Those who want power from ZANU PF should get this right.

“There is an extent and limit to which online and digital platform communication, conversations can play in national politics. Mazvigwa here!” he says.

Ruhanya adds that there is a limit to what tweets and digital conversations can do to hold regimes to account.

“TALK, TWEETS, WHATSAPP, DIGITAL conversations alone won’t hold authoritarian regimes to account. The opposition in Zimbabwe this far must learn this.

“Hybrid constitutional methods are required. That is my message to you Zim opposition as we close 2020. Chinjai maitiro enyu!” he says.

Meanwhile, MDC Alliance deputy national chairman Job Sikhala recently advised his principal Chamisa not to think that popularity will guarantee him to become Zimbabwe’s next leader.

Sikhala said history was replete with popular politicians who later failed to land the number one job in national politics – including Morgan Tsvangirai.

Sikhala said unpopular leaders often become State presidents because of their grit and decisiveness. He gave examples of Kenya’s Daniel Arap Moi and DRC’s Mobutu Sese Seko.

He said despite Chamisa and MDC Alliance commanding huge support in the country, State power remained a mirage for them.

In response, Chamisa said his party would eventually occupy State House even though he has been warned from analysts that he risks sinking into political oblivion if he does not respond appropriately to the onslaught from authorities and from the Thokozani Khupe faction.