President Emmerson Mnangagwa will today preside over the handover ceremony of the China-aided New Parliament building project in Mt Hampden.

The President laid the foundation stone for the project in November 2018.

The Chinese government recently finished constructing Zimbabwe’s new parliament building outside the capital, Harare, at a cost of about $200 million and it is handing it over to the Zimbabwean Government today.

Though Zimbabwe’s newly-instituted parliament has already been in use, the new US$200 million Chinese-built facility was yet to be officially handed over to the Zimbabwean Government.

This new building replaces a colonial-era building, in Harare Central Business District, however critics say there are concerns about security and China’s growing influence.

China is also massively involved in building and financing big-budget infrastructure projects in Zimbabwe that include revamping major airports.

A Chinese company built the National Defense College in Harare, which opened in 2014 and was financed with an interest-free $98 million loan from China.

Further Chinese involvement spans almost every sector of the Zimbabwean economy from energy to mining and agriculture.