In a brazen disregard of the founding ethos of democratic tenets, Zanu PF Secretary for Finance, Patrick Chinamasa has chillingly warned that war will erupt in Zimbabwe if the Nelson Chamisa-led main opposition Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) party emerges victorious in the potentially explosive general elections to be held next year.

The former Finance and Economic Development Minister also accused Chamisa and one his CCC deputies, Tendai Biti, of being surrogates of the dreaded United States of America’s spy agency- the CIA.

An influential figure in President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s long-ruling Zanu PF party, Chinamasa took to his official Twitter account to sensationally claim that the CCC leadership has its eyes fixed on the establishment of a US Africom military base in the landlocked Sadc nation- a situation he says will stabilise the country ‘and inevitably trigger a quick, befitting counter-revolutionary response.

“It is an undeniable fact that CCC’s Chamisa and Biti are local Agents and Proxies of the CIA and Pentagon Departments of the USA,” partly reads Chinamasa’s tweet.

He also proceeded, tweeting:

“Those of our Citizens who urge Zimbabweans to vote for CCC must know that they are wittingly or unwittingly inviting war and instability to our beloved country”.

According to Chinamasa, the pair of Chamisa and Biti, with the assistance of US-based NGOs have been “backing some Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).”

“Those who parrot support for quislings ought to be reminded that given Zimbabwe’s illustrious liberation history mooting a US Africom Military base in Zimbabwe as is proposed in Zambia will destabilise Zimbabwe and inevitably trigger a quick befitting counter-revolutionary response. Let those traversing this treacherous path be warned. Those who have eyes let them “eye” and those who have ears let them “ear”. Nokuti hatigoni kurega kutaura zvatakaona nezvotakanzwa.”