Zanu PF legal affairs secretary Paul Mangwana  has suggested that the Chigumba led Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) may need to run political party elections in order to ensure that democracy starts at grassroots level within political parties before it cascades nationally.

Said Mangwana in an interview with a local publication:

“Yes, …..but there is a lot of requirement for improvement. In fact, democracy should start with the political parties and one proposal which we do have, which we also have to share with other political parties, is that it may make sense for the national electoral board to actually run the internal political processes of political parties like they do in South Africa. You have the electoral board managing internal political processes because if you don’t have democratic internal processes then you do not produce candidates who are liked by the electorate from an internal political party perspective. So we may need to change and improve the internal political processes.”-Standard