All is not well in Norton where a Chinese national vehemently bashed Chief Chivero who is reported to have approached the management of a tile manufacturing company seeking employment for his subjects.
Chief Chivero, born Brown Shopo,was left nursing a sprained arm after getting a beating from a Chinese national.
In an interview with NewZimbabwe Chief Chivero narrated his ordeal:
“When they opened the gates, I got in with permission from security. He (the Chinese national) came from nowhere and kicked me. My hand is in pain. The person who attacked me is a Chinese national and I am on my way to report the matter to the police,” the traditional leader said.
Commenting on the fracas Independent Norton legislator Temba Mliswa demanded that the Chinese national be deported
Mliswa said:
“This speaks to the issue of us being treated as second class citizens in our own country. The government must deal with it immediately.
“The department of immigration must deal with it immediately. He must be deported. For as long as they make people who are foreigners more superior than us, there shall be protests, there shall be demonstrations and there shall be a message which should be sent to them foreigners),” said Mliswa.
“This is something I am looking forward to law enforcement agents taking their role seriously and detaining this guy. They must deport him back to China. If he is not deported back to China, there shall be hell.”
Mliswa revealed that the tile factory where the Chief was beaten belonged to a chinese ompany called Sun Yengifeng which is due to be officially opened by President Emerson Mnangagwa.