A Chegutu resident has decided to vent out his anger on social media over the unattended sewage flowing in most wards in the town that has been unattended for years now.

Below is a full statement from the resident who identified himself as Mr Manu Mituka.

“Dear Chegutu Municipality

“Firstly I would like to say am writing this with a bleeding heart, sometimes last month you promised us to solve the sewage issues that have been a catastrophic disaster in many locations.

“You promised that you were going to change the pipes and put new ones since the old ones are outdated but till today no progress have been made.

Pfupajena location P257 near Julia Sakala’s house

“I would like to give an example ward 8,sewage is everywhere flowing non stop. You as our municipality you also put gravel in magamba street as a way of closing potholes but since you put the gravel its stil hills of gravel that are not yet leveled but today am not going to talk about the state of our roads.

A street in Chegutu

“The gravel that you put in magamba street is now even holding the sewage flowing down now we having places were the sewage is held by this gravel hills and mosquitoes are now everywhere and i will not talk about cholera because we all know what happened here in Chegutu before. For the sake of our health we kindly ask you to help us by fixing this sewage problem that have became a daily basis situation in Chegutu.

“Another problem we would also like our municipality to solve the problem of water, out 5 houses you will find out that only one house have tap water whilst the other the taps are dry, how can we survive with such conditions.

“NB*The issues of sewage and tape water need to be addressed and solved as early as yesterday!

“Our Mayor, town clerk, MP we kindly ask you to come to our locations and see how bad the situation is if a cholera outbreak can hit us we will loose many lives, please work together with councilors please for the sake of us!

Yours Concerned Son of Chegutu

Manu Mituka”