A Chegutu urban ward five MDC Councillor Kindon Tembure sustained head injuries after he was struck with beer bottles by a group of machete wielding illegal miners (makorokoza) after he was begged them not to assault revellers at a local beerhall.

Councillor Tembure was quickly ferried to Chegutu District General Hospital for treatment after filling a police report.

A menacing gang leader who resides in Chegutu’s Kaguvi phase 3 location and said to be out of custody on bail and known as Douglas was leading the criminal crew.

Eye witnesses said the gang started popping up their beers before ordering everyone to go and sleep as they were disturbing them.

“They just arrived and started whipping everyone out of the drinking spot saying they were the only ones eligible to enjoy night time drinking.

“Makorokoza aya anga asingasarudzi anga achirova chero.

“Even Zambia Nyau dancers who were entertaining patrons in the adjacent Chegutu Arms nite spot were not spared,” sources said.

According to Chegutu Eye crew, they had to run for their dear lives as sparks erupted from  shining machete knives that were being sharpened on the tarmac.

Night sadza vendors also fled in all directions leaving their wares unattended at Chegutu Shopping Centre.

This scribe saw sadza, vegetables, stew and plates littered everywhere on the tarmac following the vile attacks.