Corruption and mismanagement continues to characterise Zimbabwean local authorities, with the latest case of Chegutu management that has come under fire for hiring a lawyer for $50 000 to only defend a case in which council is being accused of swindling $17 000.

According to Chegutu residents leader only identified as Mr Tembo there is High Court case number HC814/6 in which plaintiff bought stand in 2002 for $18 000 and same has original receipt and agreement of sale.

He alleges that records are there showing that council management allocated the same stand to someone in their favour without repossession of the stand.

“They have paid lawyer Charles Warara USD $45.000 to defend their mismanagement of an $18.000 stand in low density suburb. Why not just give the plaintiff another stand instead? Since council is owing workers more than $618.000 in salaries and wages,” he said.

ZW News could not immediately contact Chegutu management over the claim.