HERE’S THE THING: This man right here is the definition of a loser. Now in his 40s, pushing 50, nothing to his name, except clothes. Ruined his music career, a great legacy he could have left, all ruined because of lust.

All he has to his legacy is, I slept with some of the hottest women. Don’t get me wrong, men are polygamous by nature, but at the same time – a man cannot build a strong legacy if he enjoys pulling down many pants Surely, in a man’s teen’s years, s&x may look like something to brag about.

But not when you’re in your 30s going up. You can’t be in your senior years & all you can brag about is women you’ve slept with. There’s no trophy to sleeping with countless women Sex isn’t an achievement, it’s a reproductive/pleasure act.

And it doesn’t define manhood, it is but just an aspect of a man’s life. Don’t become addicted to sleeping with multiple women, thinking it will fulfill you. You become nothing more than a slave to sex.

The dopamine rush, fades with each new “conquest”, which is why a man who makes sleeping with women his only focus is miserable The inability to have sexual discipline is the quickest way to poverty.

You probably know many guys who had a reputation of sleeping with women but have nothing to show for in the end. Just beer talk about how they used to run the streets And with the way s*x has become cheap & easy to get, it should never be something to brag about.

Modern women whily nilly let any man smash without a care of consequences Once the pursuit of p****y is replaced with something more productive like purpose, business, hobbies, working out etc the results are much longer lasting & fulfilling.

As a man choose a path of chasing purpose not p****y. Rather catch the bag than a new body. Learn OR perish!!!