The Nelson Chamisa-led opposition Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) party is too small an institution for ‘advanced and big-minded’ personalities like fugitive former Zanu PF minister Professor Jonathan Moyo, said an internet user on the micro-blogging social networking platform, Twitter- remarks that have been received with mixed reactions on the digital podium.

The user, Nzekete AG @AMakuyana, took a swipe at the CCC as a political establishment, adding that taking Professor Moyo to the main opposition party was akin to taking National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) leader, Professor Lovemore Madhuku to lecture at the privately-run Speciss College.

“There are people u can’t accommodate in small organisations. @ProfJNMoyo is one such individual – his ideas are too big & advanced for a small entity like CCC that is still to identify itself. It’s like asking @ProfMadhukuto go and lecture at Speciss College hazvibude,” Nzekete AG tweeted.

“When @ProfJNMoyo asks for Constitution, ideology, manifesto, structures, Polling Agents – he is asking questions that belong to organised & established institutions and you can even see the frustration in CCC Supporters. They can’t comprehend what he is saying.

“Most CCC leaders & supporters have no Administrative experience other than leading some 2- man law firm Partnership. If you ask “What’s the address of CCC?” Zvoita sekunge watuka vanhu and yet you are asking a pertinent question!” the user added.

Zwnews has picked up some of the responses to the post. Read On:

  • Those who get angry shouldn’t. They should just focus on registering to vote and vote. My focus is to avail myself on the voting day. That’s all.– @RaphaelGoredema
  • Archaic administrative experience has no place in 2022, learn to Behold the New and strategy keep them guessing!! We are in 2022 we can’t have political organisation that was there decades ago!!– @Beautychats1

  • Iwewe & Jontso vako why are u wasting time paParty isina Plan? Nekudzidza kwenyu ikoko MaStructures munoona achibva kupi iyo isina Plan? Muri kuzvinetsereiko kunyora bhaibheri isina Plan kudaro CCC yakakubhurai pama By-elections. Ndosaka dofo rakakubvisisai bhutsu paChinhoi

  • It’s even absurd to ask for an adress coz qe all know what happened to their offices and they cant publicly establish an office based on a num of factors . Again, we’re tbe offices ourselves & CCC is reaching it’s support bases hence no need for one.– @Muchenijmuchen6

  • Madzakutsaku mazhinji aive ne experience ipiko after independence. Mai Mujuru vakaita minister vaine experience yepi? Leadership is a natural gift.– @rudairos