Political analyst Alex Magaisa has warned MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa to be warry of dialogue offers from Emmerson Mnangagwa and Douglas Mwonzora.

Magaisa said if Chamisa were to ever meet Mnangagwa and Mwonzora, he should know that he will be the one who will be on his own, warning that the MDC-T is aware that they will not pass the 2023 election test.

Said Magaisa:

“While the idea of dialogue is not new to the MDC Alliance, the party must tread with caution lest it falls into a snare.

“What is happening, including the discourse championed by that section of the media is choreographed.

“”… It is this fear of elections that explains the MDC-T’s overzealous posture towards dialogue. It has nothing to do with the interests of Zimbabweans, whose mandate it does not have.

“It hopes to use the façade that is currently available from its unjustified claim to the MDC Alliance’s parliamentary assets as the basis for a ticket at the dialogue table.

“It knows that this stolen political capital will vanish the moment elections are held and once that happens the party will disappear into political irrelevance.

“This is, therefore, a crucial window, when there is no political contestation, to stake a claim for a place on the political table.

“If the party was worth its mettle, it would be seeking political capital independently, under its new leadership before making claims as a serious political voice.

“The leaders lack confidence because they know the fate that awaits them. Unfortunately, there are some who have fallen for the facade and think the MDC-T is a serious contender in any dialogue.

“The party must prove its worth and not take a free-ride on the MDC Alliance’s political capital.”


Taken from Alex Magaisa’s Big Read