MDC-A president Nelson Chamisa is reportedly set to visit Kadoma for a star rally to drum up support for his party candidate ahead of the forthcoming by-election set for this weekend.

The opposition party is likely to retain the seat it lost after one of its councillor was questionably jailed during the demonstrations that occurred in January.

Aspiring councillor Ms Svorai Chiwara stands a better chance to win the election with sympathy votes over her husband the past councillor jailed during the protests.

A MDC provincial member told ZW News on condition of anonymity that party president Chamisa has lined up a surprise visit to Kadoma to campaign for his party.

“Our president is likely to come to Kadoma to rally support for Ms Chiwara and the visit will likely be a surprise one where he will tour the ward and interact with residents,” said the member.

When contacted by ZW News the party’s provincial gaffer Mr Tawanda Magunje was not immediately available for comment.

A political analyst Mr Brian Mangwiro said Zanu PF has a mountain to climb as all odds are pointing to MDC victory.

“This was the first ward to have been won by opposition in Kadoma and since then Zanu PF has never won it, so expecting a win especially with this economic situation is almost close to none,” he said.

Mrs Martha Gufeni factored the issue of sympathy vote.

“Ward 2 has always been a stronghold of MDC and this time around people are still sympathising with Ms Chiwara so l forsee an outright win for MDC,” she said.

Ms Chiwara is contesting Zanu PF’s Lloyd Nyambo.