Renowned political commentator Elder Mabhunu says Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa is taking his deputy Tendai Biti for a ride by promising him a pie in the sky.

Biti was said to be bitter and threatening going independent after losing internal elections to represent the party. He lost to Allan Markham who will now represent CCC to contest for the Harare East parliamentary seat.

Reports are that despite feigning unity, insiders said the relationship between the two has irretrievably broken so much that even attempts by Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema, an ally of both, to get them to reconcile, have failed to restore trust in a bromance where there was never any love lost.

Apparently, to keep Biti under control, Chamisa promised him an very influential post should his party win the forthcoming much anticipated elections.

He made these sentiments while speaking to journalists just after confirming his name on the Presidential candidates nomination list at High Court on Wednesday.

Chamisa said Biti will hold a key role in his government and does not need to be in parliament.

“We have been in parliament for a long time and that is not our station of choice at the moment, our station of choice is government, so you will see Mr Biti in government. He is going to play a pivotal role in the campaign that we are going to be wedging very soon because he is part of that government and that is what we are offering to Zimbabweans.

“So yes you will see that happening, I mean parliament is going to be there, we already have people deployed there but there are others who are beyond parliament, they are in government, they must play that role in government , so you will see a strong formidable team,” Chamisa said.

Biti was also present at the nomination court while Chamisa was confirming his name.

However, Mabhunu says Biti’s political life could be technically over, as it is very hard his for party to win the polls.

“It is very hard for Chamisa to defeat President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa whose rigging machine is allegedly well oiled for use.

“Whether Mnangagwa wins the election fairly or unfairly, that means an end to Biti’s political life,” he says.

The political analyst adds that Biti should have gone independent or accept the fate as he did, but at the same time planning life after politics.

“He is a respected legal practitioner, meaning his life after politics could not be bad after all,” adds Mabhunu.