Norton Independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa says Citizens Coalition for Change CCC president Nelson Chamisa is not as brave as the late Movement for Democratic Change founder Morgan Tsvangirai.

He says the current opposition is not hungry for power, fear to take risks and instead is comfortable with the status quo.

“The current opposition has an unsettling comfort with the status quo that should worry all those eagerly and spiritedly expecting a change. It’s almost like they have settled down into their role as an eternal opposition.

“Whereas Tsvangirai demonstrated, got arrested & jailed in pursuit of what he believed in, Chamisa and the current crop, have a different approach. Not that they should get jailed & beaten, but yet, the absence of such activism is a stark warning that something is amiss.

“Again, the opposition leaders are the chief culprits for the general lethargy taking over the opposition movement as they have introduced a lackadaisical, part-time, approach to politics where they have to avoid as much dirt as possible,” he says.

He adds that Chamisa is showing weaknesses and inability to carry the opposition as Tsvangirai did.

“Dangerously for him, the political environment is already different as the electorate is no longer closed up to alternative political views and positions,” says Mliswa.