Citizens Coalition for Change CCC president Nelson Chamisa has been taken to task by his Twitter followers over voters’ roll demands, few weeks into elections.

Chamisa invited trouble for himself when he posted a note meant for the Electoral Commission Zimbabwe and President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa demanding audited voters’ roll.

“Dear ZEC & ED; Disputed elections are bad for our country. It’s impossible to have a credible & acceptable election without a credible & audited voters’roll. Why keep public records secret?

“Why personalize and privatize pubic information & institutions?”

In response, one follower reminded Chamisa that he had 5 years to raise the issue.

“This 5 months before elections bro you had 5 years😭,” asked Tawona.

Chamisa responded:

“And it has been 5 years of tussling and fighting for what’s right and correct. Just check the record!”

Another follower had this to say:

“The Opposition has been quiet for some time so ED will do what he want on ths elections some of us already given up on ths elections, Opposition parties has let is down.”

Chamisa responded:

“Never outsource destiny to another! We continue to lead ! And our fight has been so effective and relentless!”

Yet another follower said: “Saying it on Twitter is the same as keeping quiet.”

Feeling the heat, Chamisa responded:

“So some think we are just sitting?? They must think harder and again!”

Another follower identified as God Father said:

“Why address ED @edmnangagwa and ZEC @ZECzim when a senior member of your party took the matter to the courts and a judgement was passed? Do you want ED and ZEC override a court judgement?”

Chamisa responded:

“Access to such information is a constitutional right! It’s beyond and above just the courts. Simply avail the voters roll! Ipfimbi yeGudo here nhai??”