Chamisa supporter places ‘Juju’ in Mwonzora’s mail box?

Chamisa, Mwonzora

As tempers continue to flare in the MDC-Alliance over the Chamisa-Mwonzora contest for presidency, a staunch Chamisa supporter is suspected to have placed Juju in Mwonzora’s mail box.

Mwonzora  who is the current MDC-A Secretary General said he discovered a plastic container with a strange-looking liquid when he checked for his mail at Parliament.

In an interview with Newsday, Mwonzora said:

I went to Parliament and I then decided to check my mail at the pigeon hole and there were two police officers in that room.
As I approached my pigeon hole, I discovered that there was a plastic bottle with a strange-looking liquid and it was half full. I asked the police officers about it and they didn’t know who had put it there.
I then alerted the Parliament security, but I don’t know what they did with it. I didn’t touch it.
… Whoever put it there either intended to threaten me with these superstitions, but it is strange that some people will find time to put that into my pigeon hole. I don’t know what the liquid is.

MDC co-vice president and senator Elias Mudzuri, when asked, said he was not aware of the incident but if it did happen, should be condemned. He said:

I haven’t heard anything concerning that, but if he saw something suspicious, I hope he will get assistance to remove that. I hope there is no witch-hunting at Parliament. As parliamentarians, we are honourable members and we must not start looking for witchcraft. It is not proper, why should it happen.
If it happened, then it is unfortunate that we are stooping so low and we are fighting over useless things. We must be honourable members and that requires certain behaviour.
This incident is unfortunate and if someone is doing that, they are not serious. We will end up concentrating on suspicion and unknown fears. If there are people doing that, they must stop it. It is not good.

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