MDC- Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa is now willing to have a one-on-one with President Emerson Mnangagwa to discuss political, economic and social issues affecting the country.

Before this change of stance, the MDC- Alliance had called for the establishment of a Transitional Authority to run Government opening up debate on President Mnangagwa’s legitimacy.

Posting on Twitter via his official account, Chamisa said:

Where we are going now requires us to think and act like Zimbabweans. Our dire situation is no longer about MDC or Zanu-PF but about Zimbabwe. We have a nation to build and a generation to defend. We have power.

Commenting on that message, Chamisa emphasised the need to end economic problems for the current generations and the unborn.

Jacob Mafume, MDC-Alliance spokesperson reiterated Chamisa’s message and said:

In the current context we have proffered that as a solution, we need a one on one meeting underpinned by the five points plan. As a party, the president has been given the full mandate to engage in any process that will bring about an end to the suffering of the people of Zimbabwe and he is providing a framework to that.

Dr Obert Mpofu, Zanu-PF Secretary for Administration said that President Mnangagwa was ready for genuine and unconditional dialogue with political parties or anyone and build Zimbabwe…Chronicle