Zimnews Chief Correspondent

While the MDC-Alliance presidential candidate for the forthcoming elections Nelson Chamisa, is seemingly gaining ground with each outing, his supporters seem to be undermining his efforts by engaging in unruly behaviours, and need to be leashed.

MDC-Alliance supporters have been fingered in hate speeches, particularly insulting women, at the glare of the international community, the acts that have been roundly condemned by some diplomats.

This follows the recent insults on people like Priscilla Chigumba, Thokozani Khupe, and Fadzai Mahere, these women were labelled all sorts of names, much to the outcry by human rights activists and women’s organisations.

These insults have rendered the supporters being viewed by many as a confused lot, and this could undermine Chamisa’s legitimate battle agitating for measures that would ensure a level political playing field during the forthcoming elections.

This could be seen from the comments by the international community dignitaries, who seem to be sidestepping Chamisa’s calls, saying it is not time for political parties in Zimbabwe to make unnecessary demands. What this means is that in their eyes, the demands being made by Chamisa are not necessary.

Kofi Annan former United Nations secretary general, who is leading a group of elders coming to observe the elections, called on Zimbabweans to shun needless demands, but work together for the country to prosper.

Meanwhile, since coming to the helm, Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa seems to have been endorsed by the international community. He recently met the white community in Harare, and discussed a number of issues with them, a sign to show them that he is totally different as to how the former president Robert Mugabe viewed them. ZwNews.com