Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa has called on Zimbabweans leaving the country on account of bad economy to prepare for their return.

“Those who are leaving Zimbabwe out of our sad & bad circumstances, please get ready to be coming back soon,” he says.

Chamisa says a great new Zimbabwe is loading.

“Those who are unsure & doubtful, trust our compass and method. Only if you knew what I know! We will turn this country exciting & great in no time! @ANewGreatZimbabwePlan.”

Meanwhile, Chamisa has expressed grateful over the love he is being shown by fellow Zimbabweans wherever he goes.

“THANK YOU FELLOW CITIZENS.. So, I went into this shop and this…I don’t take your love and affection for granted. Wherever I go I see this wholesome, awesome, refreshing and humbling love ..God bless you! #OnePeople,” he adds.