MDC-A leader Nelson Chamisa has hinted on various strategies that his party will use to deal with the Zanu-PF menace and one of them might be an election boycott.

The party’s elective Congress set for May this year will be used to examine possible strategies available for the “alternative government”. Said Chamisa:

Do we participate in elections? Is an election the best form to achieve reforms? Calling for reforms, is it a good strategy? Dialogue, is it a good strategy? We will examine all our strategies going forward and what will be effective.

We can’t be engaging externally before we deal with internal hygiene. At the moment, we are focused on Congress, but that does not mean we have removed our eyes from the ball.

When we finish our congress and our members have endorsed a strategy road map, then we will come out stronger and geared to offer a new proposition as an alternative government because we are not an opposition.

The MDC has in the past been using demonstrations as well as engaging other regional countries to push the ruling Zanu PF party to the negotiating table.Newsday