There was drama at the burial of the late national hero and ZIPRA leader Doctor Dumiso Dabengwa, after his widow, MaKhumalo insisted that opposition chief Nelson Chamisa should be allowed to speak.

Chamisa was not on the list of scheduled speakers and was denied a seat in the VIP tent at the memorial held in Bulawayo.

At MaKhumalo’s insistence, Chamisa gave a short impromptu speech in which he extolled the virtues of Dabengwa and promised to honour all the ideals he had stood for.

He finished his speech by firing a salvo at President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his deputies for failing to grace the occasion despite the fact that South African President Cyril Ramaphosa saw it fit to send emissaries.

As if that was not enough, outspoken Chief Ndiweni was also given the podium and he expressed concern over the state of affairs in Zimbabwe.

The Chief said he was also  saddened by Mnagagwa’s absence from the event.

“I’m sad that those who rule us did not want to honour the man we are burying here with their presence. This speaks to the fact that things are not well in our country,” said Chief Ndiweni.

He also lamented the economic collapse in and the state of democracy which he said is in serious trouble.
“The state of democracy in Zimbabwe is in serious trouble, there are many issues that we need to resolve,” he said.

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