Zimbabwe’s main opposition party Citizens Coalition for Change CCC led by Nelson Chamisa has demanded a thorough probe into the multi-million dollar Gold Mafia scandal.

CCC has urged the government to get to the bottom of the matter and ensure accountability as well as prosecution of those involved.

Gold Mafia showed how the country is being plunder by a network of highly corrupt and incompetent Zanu PF and government leaders, working in cahoots with their business cronies. President Emmerson Mnangagwa, his runners and business cronies were among those implicated.

Government agencies predictably exonerated the suspects, while some refused to investigate.

Apparently, the call comes after the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe RBZ exonerated some of those implicated.

Following the documentary, RBZ froze bank accounts for people who were implicated and instituted probe, through its Financial Intelligence Unit, but yesterday the bank exonerated the people saying there was no evidence linking them to the scandal.

Zwnews/ Newshawks