The Twitter war between renowned investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono and Norton independent Member of Parliament has officially ended.

Mliswa and Chin’ono bumped into each other at court today and made peace.

The two warring parties confirmed the development, with Mliswa saying both him and Chin’ono are victims of persecution.

“Bumped into @daddyhope at the court today and the engagement revealed one notable fact.

” We are both victims of persecution.

“We spoke as gentleman and indeed I look forward to all next chapter.

“Continue what you do best and I also focus on my area,” said Mliswa.

On the other end, Chin’ono wrote: “We met today and made peace.” And posted a video:

The two have been fighting each other calling one another crooks.

MCMeanwhile, Chin’ono was in court today on allegations of publishing falsehoods.