In response to accusations of his alleged connections with Zanu PF, Sengezo Tshabangu, the self-proclaimed Secretary General of the CCC, has decided to speak out. Tshabangu’s remarks come following statements by CCC party leader Nelson Chamisa, who labeled him as an agent of the ruling party.

Tshabangu, while expressing his utmost respect for Nelson Chamisa, emphasized that he recognizes Chamisa as the legitimate leader of the CCC and regards him as the “face of the struggle.”

Tshabangu has faced significant criticism for his actions in recalling 15 Members of Parliament (MPs) and some councillors, asserting that they no longer align with the party’s values. In response to these allegations, he vehemently denied collaborating with the ruling party, Zanu PF, with the intent to undermine the primary opposition force in the country. Tshabangu clarified that his efforts are directed towards addressing mismanagement and advocating for individuals from Bulawayo to represent the province’s interests.

While Tshabangu refrained from placing blame on Chamisa for the turmoil within the party, he instead pointed to “criminals around the president” as the source of the party’s challenges.