Citizens Coalition for Change CCC councillors are meeting at Town House this afternoon to cancel the Pomona deal, which they is corrupt and not in the country’s interest.

Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume will be chairing the special meeting.

Apparently, residents have accused both CCC and MDC-T councilors of being culpable for the Pomona deal, CCC councillors say the deal was approved despite them opposing the resolution.

Harare Mayor, Mafume has said that the MDC Alliance councillors betrayed the residents by agreeing to the opaque deal.

He argues that the CCC Councillors are saintly opposed to the deal, and therefore are on the side of the people.

The government has since thrown its weight behind the deal saying it will be replicated in other towns.

Meanwhile, the Pomona deal has a strange clause which prohibits the Harare City Council from creating any new dumpsites.