Sleep is an essential function of the human body as it improves cognitive functions by restoring our mind and body. Medical experts recommend eight-hour sleep each night to get optimal brain functioning, which can be challenging to attain in the current fast-paced society. The lack of good-quality sleep leaves humans prone to stress, pain, anxiety, and other illnesses. It also affects the immunity and immune response of the human body. Lack of sleep can lead to excessive dehydration, hallucinations, impaired brain functionality, and in rare cases, death. In addition, it disrupts our day-to-day activities and makes it difficult to achieve goals, destroying any hope of being productive. One can use CBD oil for sleep with CBN for better sleep.


Even though the importance of sleep is indisputable, its lack is not uncommon in today’s society. Stress, meddlesome thoughts, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, abnormal sleep routine, and more can keep one up all night or bring down sleep quality, leaving us tired and groggy the next day. Moreover, it can quickly turn into a never-ending cycle of constant exhaustion and irritation. This long-term sleep inadequacy can pave the way for severe health problems.


Why Should You Take CBD & CBN For Sleep?

While traditional sleep-aids might work for some looking to catch a few zzz’s, their side-effects often result in disruptions in daily routine, making them less desirable and forcing people to search for something better. In addition, more often than not, sleep medication causes addiction problems and withdrawal syndrome due to physical and mental dependency. Therefore, the consumer now is seeking something natural with minimal side effects and optimal results.

People have used CBD (or Cannabidiol) as an herbal sleep aid for centuries, and it entirely makes an easy and helpful remedy. CBN (or Cannabinol) is another chemical compound derived from the Cannabis plant, with very mild psychoactive properties. It functions as an excellent sleeping aid and has anti-inflammatory properties. While both CBD and CBN effectively treat sleep problems individually, their combination produces enhanced and much better results. They exhibit an entourage effect when administered together. With the fast-acting nature of CBD+CBN tincture, pain and other problems that might prevent sleep can be relieved within 20 minutes. CBN eases any pain or inflammation, and CBD reduces anxiety and stress – they can work together to ensure a sweet night’s sleep.


Until now, the research into the therapeutic benefits of CBN has been very preliminary. However, it’s starting to heat up as the interest in the health benefits of cannabinoids is surging. All thanks to the ever-growing popularity of CBD.


What Does The Research Say About CBD+ CBN?

A study in 1975 explored the connection between CBN and quality of sleep when researchers used it in combination with other cannabis derivatives. According to naturopathic doctors, CBN’s more clinically established effects suggest working for pain relief. They even hint at its ability to function as a sleep aid and appetite stimulant.


A 2012 review looked at 34 studies and discovered a possible connection between high doses of CBD inhaled or taken intravenously and therapeutic effects for insomnia, epilepsy, and social anxiety disorder.


We know that the levels of cortisol (i.e., a stress hormone) peak in the morning. However, insomnia elevates cortisol levels at night, increasing wakefulness and impacting sleep quality. Research suggests that CBD can help control cortisol levels, thus inducing a peaceful sleep in patients. A 2019 study on CBD’s effects on anxiety and sleep found that people taking between 300 to 600 mg of CBD oil had lower cortisol levels. The findings propose that the substance may function as a sedative, affecting cortisol release.


Goodnight With CBD + CBN

CBD has been in the market for almost a decade. Increasingly used with melatonin, CBD promotes a rested sleep at night by acting on the endocannabinoid pathway. Lately, CBD has been mixed with CBN to produce an entourage effect, which offers the desired results minus the sedative properties of usual sleeping aids.


A recent 2019 study testified to the safety of cannabis and cannabis derivatives. It found minimal instances of medical complications and abuse concerns. So far, we haven’t got any cases of lethal overdose from CBD and CBN.


Products Containing CBD+CBN

Now that we have gone through some studies let’s look at some commercially available products. First, of course, the most popular form that effectively embraces the combination of CBD and CBN is the CBD+CBN tincture, and it has the best shelf life and potency. Other products include CBD+CBN oils, gummies, and vape juice. These are also popular among users, but their strength is questioned due to their varying chemical compositions and short shelf life. On the other hand, tinctures have proven reliable and long-lasting for cannabinoid products. A study published in 2016 on the patterns, markers, and stability of cannabis tinctures established a loss of only 10 percent cannabis after nine months.



People worry about the side effects of consuming CBN and the feeling of “high” associated with its slight psychoactive properties. However, experts have concluded that CBN is neither a sedative nor a psychoactive product, especially when consumed with CBD. For more information, you can visit cbd news.

With all worries put to rest, now it’s your time to hit the bed, relax and enjoy a sweet night’s sleep. Don’t forget your CBD+CBN tincture!