Cassava Smartech, the company that owns EcoCash and Steward Bank, is changing its name to EcoCash Holdings.

As reported by NewZwire, the company says this is to align its name with its main subsidiary, Ecocash.

Cassava listed on Zimbabwe Stock Exchange in December 2018, after being ejected from Econet Wireless.

Meanwhile, mobile money & banking account for 90% of revenues.

Cassava Smartech defines itself a diversified smartech group, with a mandate to use digital solutions to drive socio-economic development, and to improve the overall quality of life for all Africans.

The company says it is on a transformational mission, and envision a future whereby its solutions are able to touch every life, bringing positive impact particularly to the millions of previously excluded Africans.

Its services include uniquely integrated digital transactions ecosystem including Mobile Money, Digital Banking, Payment Services, Social Payments and International Remittances.

Through its Fintech services, the company has been able to drive financial inclusion from under 10% to 70-80% in some of our markets, and helped to create thousands of new job and business opportunities for young entrepreneurs.